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Kiss Your Parking Troubles Good-Bye!

Final Group Project Presentation

Problem:  Old Dominion’s parking situation is out of hand. Here is a pitch dedicated to repairing the situation:  Kiss Your Parking Troubles Good-Bye!

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Draft Group Project Presentation

Here is a link to a google doc that is a rough draft of our group project presentation:

Rough Draft to Parking Policy

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Assignment 4 Biotech

In an attempt to determine the degree to which your academic contemporaries are up-to-date on the developments taking place by biotechnology, you are about to play the role of a reporter. Randomly select five people on campus and record their responses to basic questions.

a) Briefly explain what biotechnology means.
b) Are you in favor of further industrial research in this field?
c) Provide at least one reason for your stance on this issue.
d) What is your academic major?

Interview 1 :
(conducted via telephone to a senior at Old Dominion University)

a) In my understanding, biotechnology is technology that is gotten from biological systems to enhance them. Like gene therapy and microbiology.
b) yes, because I believe the benefits outweigh the risks. however there are ethical issues that come into play in biotechnology. the question is where do you draw the line. that is a big issue in a lot of scenarios.
c) The benefits outweigh the risks and it has been shown in the public arena to have more positives than negatives, it has potential to cure diseases in things you never thought were possible.
d) Biology.

Interview #2:

(Interview conducted with a Graduate student at Old Dominion University)

A) My understanding of biotechnology is the study of anatomy in conjunction with technological improvements.
B) Yes, I am in favor of further industrial research in biotechnology because further reason is needed in the field due to the realized benefits as well as the potential benefits. To achieve this the industry requires funding from the private sector and enabling legislation.
C) The reason for my stance on this issue is that Bio-Engineered hearts, which can be transplanted into patients with extreme cases of heart disease.
D) Master of Public Administration

Interview #3:
(conducted face to face with a junior at Old Dominion University)

a) Biotech is the adapting of organic things by using technology to help make human life easier.
b) In some aspects I am, people should be helped if they can, but not to the point of being kept alive by machines, including pacemakers.
c) Part of the reason Earth has overpopulation is that we’ve been able to keep so many people alive when they should’ve passed years ago.  I do understand the ethical implications of my statement, but I believe that people should be able to contribute positively to the next generation- in the resources they use and what they produce.
d) English Literature.

Conclusion: Our group found that people who do have an understanding of biotechnology understand the ethics that go with some of its innovations.  Whether to keep people alive or enhance their quality of living, our interviewees and class considered who is qualified to make these kinds of decisions.

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Implementation and Evaluation Plan

Outline of Solution

We’re going to revamp the existing parking lots to make them more accessible for the inhabitants of ODU and make the parking process a little less difficult.  Instead of applying for one of ODU’s 6 different types of parking passes, there will now be 2, categorized by 1 semester or 1 week.  There will be a flat amount credited to your school account when you receive your parking pass which will total the maximum amount you can pay in a given semester. (Or in one week for the visitor pass).

Different lots will cost different amounts based on their proximity to the center of campus.  The lower garage floors and the spots adjacent to building will cost the most, but not any more than what students and faculty have been paying in the past few years.

What makes this system different is the rewards system of payment.  Parking in the most expensive spaces the entire semester will even the pass’s balance to 0 at the end of the semester.  If the user does not drive one day they are not charged for that day, and likewise will be charged less for parking in farther away spots.  Any money not spent at the end of the semester will be available for the pass holder to reclaim or put back in their account for the next semester.  In this way, drivers are encouraged to find cheaper spots, and can pay the full amount if they happen to be in a hurry.

To more accurately house everyone’s cars, checkpoint gates will be at the entrance of every lot which monitors how many cars go in and out by using sensors, much like highway tollbooths.  As cars fill each lot a sign outside the main entrance will let drivers know how many spots are left so as to minimize people driving up and down rows trying to find a spot.

The sensor will scan the holder’s card as to when they pass through the entrance gate, and will swipe out of their lot upon leaving to charge their account.  In order to stem people from parking without paying, monitored gates will be placed at the exits.  The gate goes up when you swipe, just like paying a toll.

For the most part, lots do not need to change except for the entrance and exit gates, and single spaces will replace meters with small stations where holders can swipe their pass.

People- we will have to look into how people have reacted to things like this system, who plans to break it, how they plan to steal, and our intentions like leaving through the entrance gate.
Material/tools- the lots are already there, we just need sensors and gates.
Time- since the technology exists, we just need the time to implement all of it together; i.e getting the cards to work with the sensors as they enter…
Energy- maintenance for the sensors and signs, but ODU keeps their gym lighted up 24/7.
information- further research will need to be done on cost effective sensors and how people will use/lose them.
Money- maintenance costs for the gates, and monitoring them- but we have lazy ODU parking attendants already.

Desirable- cut down on people not finding available spots, people getting unlucky with the best spots, people having to walk half a mile because of their designated spot.
Undesirable-May have to pay more then fixed rate, not being able to park where people may want because may cost more over time
Intended-less money to the University in regards to parking-boom.  Less complaints towards ODU parking, smoother system means less traffic.
Unintended-people trying to get away with not paying for parking.  Upkeep costs for the lots.  ‘Sporting situation’ which throw all parking spots out the window. Individuals that don’t have much money may end up spending more for parking
Immediate- confusion?  I dont want to be a one man band.
Delayed- frequent delays in system may cause constant traffic build up in parking areas, weather such as rain and floods that is a constant problem in Norfolk

Unintended Consequences
-traffic upon exiting parking lot, malfunction of the system causing traffic and hold up that may cause problem, repair depending on the situation may take time

These are options we definetly need to look into there are many possible ways people can get around the system and I can name a few when we get into class. Also what we have to take into consideration is that people are more so complaining about not enough parking space on campus more so then the cost of parking for the semester. We need to look at the odu campus map and find areas where it may be possible for us to develop more parking spaces.

We also need to look at risk management to see what may go wrong in the parking areas for the peoples well being and protecting the university from getting a lawsuit.

current parking attendants
more efficient.
incentives based on the reward system

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Mag lev

So for our station where the cups come in, we need to make sure it doesnt move when we pull on it from the other end.  Try and think of ways to keep it in place besides tape.  I thought of taping markers down that the platform could rest against kind of like a backstop.


Something to think about

I thought of a big problem-

if we put money on the accounts of people parking, how do we get them to pay? > Put a meter at every single spot, at the end of every row, a booth at the entrance, and even then how do we monitor that?


Individual Problem Statement

As we are all aware of, there is clearly a problem with parking at Old Dominion University. There aren’t enough places to park, and there are too many spaces that you can’t even use until after a certain time. So I think what would work best would be parking lots where you don’t need an extremely expensive parking pass to park there. It would be sort of like a first come first serve parking lot and you will use your student I.D card to park and pay for when you are done. So when the policy is implemented, there will be more places to park, and a system where you use your student I.D to park and pay